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Fela Kuti - Happy #felafriday! Favorite track off Afrodisiac? Full album with commentary here:
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday installment features the LP 'Stalemate.' This album addresses the battle between the Nigerian masses and the government.
Fela Kuti - The 25-minute track (which took up both sides of the original 'Confusion' LP) begins with a five minute, free-rhythm dialogue between Fela, on electric piano, and drummer Tony Allen. Watch the full video with commentary here! #FelaFridays
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday installment is from the LP 'Zombie': Listen to "Observation No Crime" here! #yeahyeah
Fela Kuti - "More people know Fela than the name of any president in the history of Nigeria." Read more on TheCable here:
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday installment is the final album of newly-recorded studio material to be released during his lifetime. Listen to 'Underground System' for more info about the LP here:
Fela Kuti - Learn more about one of the previously lost treasures in Fela’s discography, ‘Perambulator,’ and listen to the full LP here:
Fela Kuti - This week's installment of #FelaFridays is for the 1977 LP 'No Agreement.' "I no go agree make my brother hungry make I no talk..."
Fela Kuti - Did you know in the mid-70s, Fela released 23 albums in less than 3 years? Here's one of them - 'Everything Scatter' - for today's #FelaFridays video.
Fela Kuti - Celebrate #FelaFridays with this week’s #YellowFever! From one of the seven LPs included in the Erykah Badu curated Fela Box Set 4. Full track with commentary here: #YeahYeah
Fela Kuti - Do you know the track "Colonial Mentality"? The second side of Fela's 1997 'Sorrow Tears And Blood' was written following the South African regime's murderous crushing of the Soweto uprising. Watch here for more history:
Fela Kuti - In case you missed the incredible new video from Childish Gambino last week, watch it now and read about the Fela inspiration in HuffPost:
Fela Kuti - Today’s #FelaFriday video features commentary on the hit track “Gentleman.” “I no be gentleman at all o / I be Africa man original / Africa hot, I like am so / I know what to wear, but my friends / don't know”