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Fela Kuti - Read about Fela's attempts to become the elected president of Nigeria and more in today's installment of #FelaFridays. #yeahyeah!
Fela Kuti - The cast of "Black Panther" discuss jamming to Fela Kuti on set via USA TODAY.
Fela Kuti - Learn more about the controversial release 'Shuffering and Shmiling' on today's #FelaFriday video.
Fela Kuti - We celebrate #blackhistorymonth every month, but this month especially is important for honoring the memories of legends like Fela! #tbt
Fela Kuti - It's #FelaFriday! Today's video commentary is on Fela's London Scene. Watch the full video here:
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday posting is an album included in the most recent vinyl re-issues for Box Set 4! Watch the full video to learn more about J.D.D. (Johnny Just Drop).
Fela Kuti - Watch the new Femi Kuti - Official (Femi Anikulapo - Kuti) video for "One People One World"! The song urges “racism has no place, give hatred no space” and pleads “let’s settle our differences, it’s best to live in peace.” – Bedford + Bowery
Fela Kuti - Happy #FelaFriday! This week's video installment with commentary from Afrobeat historian Christ May is for 'Monkey Banana.' Watch here:
Fela Kuti - Today's installment of #FelaFridays is for the LP 'Excuse-O'! Get the Excuse O Fela Socks here: Watch to learn more about the history of the album here:
Fela Kuti - Fela Kuti Box Set 4 curated by Erykah Badu is now available at Urban Outfitters! Shop here:
Fela Kuti - Today's installment of #FelaFridays contains commentary from Chris May on the track "Go Slow" off 'Upside Down.' Watch it here!
Fela Kuti - More evidence that Fela Kuti was a fucking genius! Full article about Box Set 4 curated by Erykah Badu up on Village Voice.
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday installment is a track off the newest Box Set: "Coffin For Head of State Part 2 (Vocal)." Watch it here!
Fela Kuti - Watch Erykah Badu's epic performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! She does a medley of her hit “On and On” and “Sorrow Tears and Blood” accompanied by The Roots: BOX SET 4 OUT NOW: