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Fela Kuti - Read about Fela Kuti's interaction with Paul McCartney (via Marc Maron) on OkayAfrica.
Fela Kuti - Hands up!
Fela Kuti - FELA! The Concert (feat. @Sahr Ngaujah & members of Antibalas) will perform at The New Parish on Fri, Oct 5, 2018, 9:00pm PST. The group is comprised of members of the cast and band of FELA! the musical. Tickets here:
Fela Kuti - Happy #FelaFriday! #yeahyeah Fela Kuti - You No Go Die.....Unless
Fela Kuti - Happiness 🎷
Fela Kuti - Happy #FelaFriday! Today's video features the LP 'He Miss Road' produced by Ginger Baker. Watch here:
Fela Kuti - Fela and Ginger Baker
Fela Kuti - Happy #felafriday! Favorite track off Afrodisiac? Full album with commentary here:
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday installment features the LP 'Stalemate.' This album addresses the battle between the Nigerian masses and the government.
Fela Kuti - The 25-minute track (which took up both sides of the original 'Confusion' LP) begins with a five minute, free-rhythm dialogue between Fela, on electric piano, and drummer Tony Allen. Watch the full video with commentary here! #FelaFridays
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday installment is from the LP 'Zombie': Listen to "Observation No Crime" here! #yeahyeah
Fela Kuti - "More people know Fela than the name of any president in the history of Nigeria." Read more on TheCable here:
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday installment is the final album of newly-recorded studio material to be released during his lifetime. Listen to 'Underground System' for more info about the LP here: