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Fela Kuti - Read commentary on Fela's classic hit "Lady" from 'Shakara' and listen to the track here! #FelaFridays #yeahyeah
Fela Kuti - Happy #FelaFriday! Today's installment is from the LP "Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense." Watch the full video with commentary below!
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday contains commentary on the legendary track "Zombie"; perhaps Fela's most explicit attack on the Nigerian military.
Fela Kuti - Funmilayo Ransome Kuti | The first woman to drive a car in Nigeria. A revolutionary politician, women’s rights activist, guru, and teacher. Mother of Fela. Grandmother of Femi and Seun. Happy #InternationalWomensDay to this legendary lady and all women around the world!
Fela Kuti - This week's #FelaFriday includes commentary on 'Upside Down.' This album is unusual in that it contains a second lead vocalist in addition to Fela--American political activist Sanda Izsadore. More here!
Fela Kuti - On this day in 1977, Fela was released on bail after 11 days in custody following the brutal Sacking of Kalakuta. Here he is, heavily scarred and with his leg in plaster, but his spirit not broken! Fela could not be silenced and his legacy lives on today. #tbt
Fela Kuti - Read about Fela's attempts to become the elected president of Nigeria and more in today's installment of #FelaFridays. #yeahyeah!
Fela Kuti - The cast of "Black Panther" discuss jamming to Fela Kuti on set via USA TODAY.
Fela Kuti - Learn more about the controversial release 'Shuffering and Shmiling' on today's #FelaFriday video.
Fela Kuti - We celebrate #blackhistorymonth every month, but this month especially is important for honoring the memories of legends like Fela! #tbt
Fela Kuti - It's #FelaFriday! Today's video commentary is on Fela's London Scene. Watch the full video here:
Fela Kuti - Today's #FelaFriday posting is an album included in the most recent vinyl re-issues for Box Set 4! Watch the full video to learn more about J.D.D. (Johnny Just Drop).
Fela Kuti - Watch the new Femi Kuti - Official (Femi Anikulapo - Kuti) video for "One People One World"! The song urges “racism has no place, give hatred no space” and pleads “let’s settle our differences, it’s best to live in peace.” – Bedford + Bowery