Zombie 8-Track with bonus track coming this January

We are delighted to announce the limited edition release of Fela Kuti’s The Zombie 8-track cartridge.

The Zombie 8-track will be available to purchase from the 16th January 2019 thanks to Partisan Records, Knitting Factory Records, and Kalakuta Sunrise.

Zombie is available in the nostalgic 8-Track cartridge configuration in a limited edition of 300 units worldwide featuring “Zombie” and “Mr. Follow Follow”.

Zombie, released by Fela in 1976, was driven by his strong political views of the government, serving as a passioned criticism of the Nigerian military, in which he compares them to zombies without minds of their own. This criticism resulted in Fela’s house being burned down my the army after the record was released, a reaction which only furthered outrage amongst the people of Nigeria against the military institution.

In a similar vein, Mister Follow Follow condemns those who blindly follow others. Fela preaches that if you must follow someone to me mindful and keep your own eyes open as you do.

This special edition 8-track also includes a bonus unreleased track “Observation Is No Crime” which Fela performed live but never studio recorded (an extra treat for you hardcore Fela fans!). Brimming with Fela’s classic attitude, this live recording from the Berlin Jazz Fest in 1978 confronts those that try to stop Fela from expressing his opinions concerning his own life, including the Nigerian government.

Limited to only 300 pressings, this special release will be available for purchase on 16th January 2019.

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