Questlove releases favorite Fela Kuti songs playlist


As part of our ongoing artist series giving tribute to Fela Kuti, Questlove shares with us his favorite Fela Kuti songs. Questlove appears in the documentary film “Finding Fela” where he describes the music of Fela “…it’s not microwave music, it’s souffle. It’s a slow burn that just sizzles, and gets hotter.” It’s the perfect description and this playlist will take you from slow burn, to sizzle to totally hot! On the life of Fela, Questlove adds:

“He clearly had the ear and the adoration of the people. To use this time & time again, and to get thrown in jail every time a single comes out. I mean, I have 16 records and can’t imagine that I might have to go to jail for every time my album comes out. Not many people are willing to suffer for their craft.”

We hope you enjoy the Questlove favorite Fela songs playlist and other playlists giving tribute to the life and music of Fela Kuti in our Spotify playlist series!