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Second round of Fela Kuti Vinyl Reissues out today!

Vinyl lovers! With the exception of some lo-fi pirate editions, this Knitting Factory Records reissue series is the first time Fela’s LPs have been made available as individual vinyl albums since they were originally released during his lifetime.

Under the careful stewardship of his longtime manager, Rikki Stein, Fela’s legacy is being lovingly preserved and made available again in its entirety. All of his albums, and some of his singles, are already available on CD and download, and when this latest programme has been completed, all his albums will also be available once more on vinyl.

There are plenty more treasures due to be unveiled further down the line! Yeah Yeah!

Purchase Confusion on vinyl
Purchase Sorrow Tears and Blood on vinyl
Purchase Teacher Don’t Teach Me No Nonsense on vinyl

Purchase He Miss Road on vinyl
Purchase Expensive Shit on vinyl
Purchase Live With Ginger Baker on vinyl

Round 2 of Fela Kuti Vinyl Re-issues

We’ve been waiting quite a while to release the second round of Fela Kuti re-issues on vinyl.
“Confusion” – “Sorrow, Tears and Blood” – “Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense” will be out tomorrow on vinyl for the very first time!

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Finding Fela on CBS!

Finding Fela dream team – Alex Gibney (director), Stephen Hendel (producer) and Femi Kuti (Fela’s son) were interviewed by CBS on the new documentary focused on Fela’s life and Fela! The Musical.

Watch the full interview HERE

Finding Fela director interviewed by LA Times

Finding Fela award winning director, Alex Gibney, spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the making of the documentary.

“Finding Fela!” is a hall-of-mirrors documentary that dissects the complex public persona of the late Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti though the lens of the 2009 Broadway musical biography “Fela!” – Los Angeles Times

 Read the full interview HERE

Finding Fela opens in Los Angeles at the Nuart Theater on Friday, don’t miss out!
Tickets available HERE
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Fela Kuti Box Set #3 curated by Brian Eno

Knitting Factory Records is proud to release the third of the long-awaited vinyl reissues from the Fela Kuti catalog. Limited to 2000 pieces. These seven albums were chosen by long-time admirer, Brian Eno.

-London Scene (1971)
Shakara (1972)
-Gentleman (1973)
Afrodisiac (1973)
Zombie (1976)
Upside Down (1976)
I.T.T. (1980)

Also included with the box set:
-12″x 12″ 12 page book that includes a forward from Brian Eno, album notes from Chris May, translated lyrics, and photos from Bernard Matussiere
-16.5″x 22.5″ poster



Fela’s discography stretches from the mid 1960s with Fela Ransome Kuti & His Highlife Rakers, to the early 1990s with Egypt 80, and there are masterpieces all along the way. But the 1970s, with Africa 70 and then Afrika 70, was the decade during which Fela’s Afrobeat went through its most dramatic changes – musically and politically.

Says Box set curator, Brian Eno, “Before about mid-September 1973 I didn’t have much interest in polyrhythmic music. I didn’t really get it. That all changed one Autumn day when I walked into Stern’s Record Shop off Tottenham Court Road. For reasons I’ve long forgotten, I left the store with an album that was to change my life dramatically. It was Afrodisiac by Fela Ransome-Kuti (as he was then known) and his band The Africa 70. I remember the first time I listened and how dazzled I was by the groove and the rhythmic complexity, and by the raw, harsh sounds of the brass, like Mack trucks hurtling across highways with their horns blaring. Everything I thought I knew about music at that point was up in the air again. The sheer force and drive of this wild Nigerian stuff blew my mind. My friend Robert Wyatt called it ‘Jazz from another planet’ – and suddenly I thought I understood the point of jazz, until then an almost alien music to me.”

Eno’s selection presents four from this period – ShakaraFela’s London Scene 

Happy Birthday Tony Allen!

Happy Birthday Tony Allen!!

“He was my friend. We did things together nobody else did. He was my friend until the end.” -Tony Allen on Fela Kuti

Watch Tony Allen talk about his friend, Fela Kuti, in Finding Fela!

Playtimes + tickets available here:

Finding Fela opens in Washington DC / Denver CO / NYC

Finding Fela opens in Denver, NYC & Washington DC!
Get your tickets now!!

“The captivating and meticulous new film by Alex Gibney (“The Armstrong Lie”) is both a standard biography and a making-of movie, blending concert and interview footage of Fela, as he was universally known (even to his children), with scenes from rehearsals and performances of “Fela!” -Washington Post

Washington, DC Landmark’s E Street Cinema:
Denver, CO Landmark Theater Chez Artiste:

IFC Theaters:
MIST Harlem – My Image Studios LLC:
Martha’s Vineyard Film Society:

For a full list of playdates + tickets head to

Finding Fela screening nationwide the month of August

“I hope fans of Fela Kuti come and see the movie, but it’s more important that people who don’t know about him but hear that it’s a good movie come and see the movie, because it’s one of the most important stories on the planet.” -Stephen Hendel (Finding Fela Executive Producer)

“Finding Fela is from Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney, and it starts from the very beginning of Kuti’s life. The film follows his choice to study music in London while his brothers studied to be doctors, when he started his first band, traveled to the United States and was influenced by the black power movement, came back to Nigeria ready to speak on the injustices going on in the country and how his life changed from then on, up until his death in 1997. The story is told through all those who knew him best: his kids (including Fumi, Seun and Yeni), his manager, Rikki Stein, his former drummer, Tony Allen, and many more people who met and worked alongside the man, or were simply influenced by his music, including Amir “Questlove” Thompson of The Roots.” –Read the full review HERE

Finding Fela opening nationwide – all screen times available at

The soundtrack to Finding Fela is featured in Beats Music Highlights

The soundtrack to Finding Fela is featured in Beats Music Highlights today!

The soundtrack to the film ‘Finding Fela’ which tells the story of Fela Kuti’s life, his music, and his social and political importance. This in-depth look at the man who created Afrobeat (the fusion of Jazz, traditional West African rhythms, Funk, Highlife, and psychedelic rock) includes 17 of Fela’s classic tracks plus a never-before released live version of “Colonial Mentality” recorded at the New Afrika Shine in Fela’s hometown of Lagos and features Femi Kuti on saxophone.

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5 Facts Rolling Stone Learned From the ‘Finding Fela’ documentary

“He was a lover, a fighter, a political activist, a polygamist, a thorn in the Nigerian government’s side, a bestselling recording artist, the basis for a hit Broadway show, a band leader, and most importantly, an African. Alex Gibney’s Finding Fela takes an in-depth look at the life and times of Fela Kuti, the legendary Afrobeat singer-songwriter who became a musical ambassador for his country and his continent.” –Rolling Stone

Head to Rolling Stone to learn 5 interesting facts about Fela Kuti from Finding Fela