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Questlove and Black Thought Share Their Thoughts on Hamilton with Rolling Stone

The soundtrack to the ground breaking musical “Hamilton” was released on Friday – co-produced by Questlove and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter who both have recently shared with us their memories and favorite Fela Kuti songs. Questlove talks about the play and his reflection on Fela! on Broadway with Rolling Stone magazine:

“Hamilton is Hamilton. Every time I go to look for something to compare it to, I come up short. There’s really not a set precedent. The closest I can come is Fela!, a brilliant Broadway musical that did things with the form that no one could have imagined. But Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical about the life of the most interesting and most star-crossed of our Founding Fathers, is something different, something all to itself.”

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Cine Vue gives 'Finding Fela' 4 Stars!

Cine Vue gives ‘Finding Fela’ 4 Stars!

“Whilst drumming up support for his new Broadway musical, FELA!, producer Stephen Hendel described Nigerian Afrobeat exponent Fela Kuti as “without question one of the great composers and musicians and activists of the second half of the 20th century.” It sounds like a bold claim on first consideration, but becomes all the harder to dismiss after soaking in the sights and sounds of prolific documentarian Alex Gibney’s Finding Fela (2014). A soulful ‘Felabration’ of the magnetic Kuti, archive footage of the snake-hipped lothario is here interspersed with a live recording of the hugely successful FELA!, the first Broadway show to ever make the journey from New York to the bustling Nigerian capital city of Lagos.”
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Finding Fela is now available on demand and on iTunes:

Video || See footage from the Lagos, Nigeria premiere of ‘Finding Fela’

The African Premiere of Finding Fela at the New Afrika Shrine, Lagos on Sunday October 12th

Alex Gibney’s Finding Fela (2014) is a sweeping portrait of the artist as guerilla warrior. Set to the insistent groove of Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti’s revolutionary Afrobeat sound, the remarkable story of one man’s courageous stand against a corrupt and dictatorial government gives testament to the transformative power of music as a force of social and political unification.

Finding Fela now screening in Nigeria!

Finding Fela had it’s premire in Nigeria during the start of Felabration 2014 at the New Afrika Shrine on October 12th as  as the part of the activities to kick off the 2014 Felabration  (which will run from October 12 to 19)

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Fela Box Set #3 curated by Brian Eno is now available – only 2000 copies!

Following the sold-out Fela Box Set 1 (curated by Questlove) and Fela Box Set 2 (curated by Ginger Baker) we are proud to present… Fela Vinyl Box Set 3 curated by Brian Eno!!

Limited to 2000.


The box set comes with 7 LPs selected by Brian Eno, a poster, 12-page booklet with a foreword by Eno, song lyrics, and in-depth commentaries by Afrobeat historian Chris May.

London Scene (1971), Shakara (1972), Gentleman (1973), Afrodisiac (1973), Zombie (1976), Upside Down (1976), and I.T.T. (1980)

“I remember the first time I listened [to Fela Kuti’s album Afrodisiac] and how dazzled I was by the groove and the rhythmic complexity, and by the raw, harsh sounds of the brass, like Mack trucks hurtling across highways with their horns blaring. Everything I thought I knew about music at that point was up in the air again.” -Brian Eno

The Roots covered Fela Kuti – “Water No Get Enemy” at the Global Citizens Fest in Central Park

“Only in a few places did the music performed onstage veer into the neighboring territory of polemic. The Roots performed a moving version of Fela Kuti’s “Water No Get Enemy.” It was the sort of gesture that underscores this band’s value — it’s flexible, improvisationally deft, and unafraid of statement-making. (The show’s credits indicated D’Angelo was to perform with them, but he was nowhere to be seen.” –New York Times

Watch the performance with Antibalas and Fela’s queens HERE

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio declares his love for Fela! The Musical

Mayor Bill de Blasio was a surprise audience member at Salif Keita’s concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Friday night.

Hizzoner gushed to “Fela!” producer Edward Tyler Nahem, who hosted a dinner later at The Cecil for “Golden Voice of Africa” Keita and friends.

De Blasio said he loves to listen to the music of Nigerian legend Fela Kuti when he’s in his car and that the Broadway musical “changed the world.” -PAGE SIX

The Economist reviews ‘Finding Fela’

“FINDING FELA”, the latest documentary by Alex Gibney, is a muddled but strangely likeable fever dream of a film. With only the faintest hint of structure, this introduction to Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musician and political activist who died in 1997 of complications related to AIDS, often seems as nomadic as the African-jazz mash-ups that he made famous. ” -The Economist

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‘Finding Fela’ screening across the USA and opening tonight in UK! and

Never before seen footage of Questlove’s interview from ‘Finding Fela’

If you caught Finding Fela on the big screen you’ll remember seeing Questlove give his insights on Fela Kuti‘s message and the uncompromising political stance behind his work. Limited to a short snippet in the actual documentary, okayafrica has unearthed full footage of the interview which has Quest telling the stories of how he came across Fela’s music in Santigold‘s jeep, the boldness of the afrobeat legend’s compositions, and how he got a morning phone call from Jay Z after an early showing of the Fela! musical.