Brian Eno Releases Top 5 Favorite Fela Kuti Songs Playlist

Brian Eno's Top 5 Favorite Fela Kuti Songs

Brian Eno has just released a Spotify playlist of his Top 5 Favorite Fela Kuti songs!

“Before about mid-September 1973 I didn’t have much interest in polyrhythmic music. I didn’t really get it.┬áThat all changed one Autumn day when I walked into Stern’s Record Shop off Tottenham Court Road in London.

For reasons I’ve long forgotten, I left the store with an album that was to change my life dramatically. It was AFRODISIAC by Fela Ransome-Kuti (as he was then known) and his band The Africa 70. I remember the first time I listened and how dazzled I was by the groove and the rhythmic complexity, and by the raw, harsh sounds of the brass, like Mack trucks hurtling across highways with their horns blaring. Everything I thought I knew about music at that point was up in the air again. The sheer force and drive of this wild Nigerian stuff blew my mind. My friend Robert Wyatt called it ‘Jazz from another planet’ – and suddenly I thought I understood the point of jazz, until then an almost alien music to me.”
Brian Eno